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Concentrated termite and carpenter ant control. Pyrethroid technology kills termites and carpenter ants on contact to protect your home from damage. The water-based formula is designed for indoor and outdoor insect control. For subterranean termites, one application lasts up to 5 years for long-lasting protection. As a concentrate, this product must be diluted before use and should be applied through a sprinkler or sprayer.

Controls wood-destroying insects
Kills carpenters bees, termites, fles, ticks, fire ants and more
Kills home invading pests
38.6% Permethrin
Kills subterranean termites
Concentrate pint (16 oz) squeeze and pour bottle

INSECT KILLER - This product kills carpenter ants, ants, wasps, mud daubers, hornets, yellow jackets, bees, termites, and carpenter bees. It works better than most bait and trap systems, and it is more effective than liquid repellent.
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Designed for use in apartments, boats, cabins, campers, condominiums, garages, gazebos, homes, patios, porches, recreational vehicles and many other listed areas.
DUAL ACTION CONTROL - Contact kill gives you immediate results when spraying insects directly, while residual activity kills insects when they return to treated areas. Apply using a sprinkler can, hand sprayer, or low-pressure sprayer.
LONG LASTING DEFENSE - Our concentrated formula is quick-acting and long-lasting. For subterranean termites, one treatment should last up to five years if the soil is left undisturbed.
MIX BEFORE USE - This product is a concentrate that requires mixing before it is ready to use. Once properly mixed, spray the ant killer around the desired area. This works better than ant traps and reaches a variety of pests.

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