Milwaukee 7-Piece Shockwave Carbide Masonry Drill Bit Set


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  • Up to 5x life in concrete
  • Up to 2x faster drilling vs. standard masonry drill bits
  • Durable carbide tip for longer life in concrete and hard aggregate
  • Sharpened carbide edges for faster starts in concrete, brick, and block
  • Precision ground carbide tip for less bit walking
  • Wide flute design removes dust faster, reducing heat & delivering more holes per charge
  • 3-Flat Secure Grip prevents bit from slipping in chuck
  • For use in hammer drill drivers
  • Fastest drilling in concrete, brick, and block applications.
  • Available in sizes up to 1'
  • Reinforced flute geometry and carbide tip design
  • Superiority in regards to quality, performance, and longevity of life
  • Reduced possibility of bit spinning in the chuck during heavy torsional loads

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